Well, Technically Two Dogs...

I have two Jack Russel Terriers. Sometimes they bug the crap out of me, but I love them anyway. Jack Russels are very smart dogs, but the vet says that both my dogs are smarter than average. Leo, the older, long-haired one, hates being picked up and loves to attack small, innocent creatures, just like Jacks are known for. Patch, a year younger, is shorter haired, sheds non-stop, has a strange addiction to licking feet, and is the lap dog. Together, the two make a rather motley pair of fur and teeth. They are ridiculous together. They had the same mother but were in two different litters, so I think they share some sort of special connection together. When there's one, the other isn't far behind. I live right on a rather large golf course, on which live coyotes, raccoons, a pair of turkeys, and who knows what else. So far they have hunted everything and taken many battle wounds together. I thought we lost Patch to a coyote one time because stupidly we had them off-leash too late and he disappeared somewhere around the creek. At this point I had Leo on a leash so he wouldn't run off too. I heard Patch's high pitched yelping cry, which he always makes when trying to catch Leo. Distracted, I didn't notice that Leo had heard it too, and was desperately trying to go get him. Leo pulled so hard on the leash that it slipped my hand and he was off to the races. The leash, which is 25 feet long, was still attached to Leo, which was lucky because I was able to follow him easily. He darted into some bushes, and of course I followed him. Then I saw Patch, desperately trying to get up a tree after two baby raccoons and their mother. I guess he had followed the coyote and instead went after the coons or something. Luckily I got them out unharmed, but the mother raccoon (which was about twice Patch's size) looked like it was 2 seconds away from jumping out of the tree and attacking him. It wasn't the first fiasco with wild animals and I'm sure it won't be the last. I grabbed Leo's leash and scooped up Patch, all the while yelling at him. I think the thrill of the chase wore off then because I could feel his claws digging into my skin as he started shaking in fear.

Like I said, my dogs are ridiculous. Recently I have been starting to apply lime juice to my feet just to deter the tongue of Patch. Then there's Leo, that likes to sit on my homework and do obnoxious things like zip open my backpack and try to find food. He hasn't found any yet, but there must be something interesting in there because he is constantly trying to find it. The thing I like most about my dogs is that they keep things interesting. Their strange mannerisms could entertain somebody for days on end, and watching them is like watching the most amusing comedy movie ever made. I feel guilty sometimes that my family didn't adopt a shelter pet, since there are so many out there, but, knowing the breeders, it may not have been long until Leo or Patch ended up somewhere bad. 

The best thing that I have ever done with Leo is when I stuck him on my longboard. A long board is essentially a giant skateboard that's meant for doing things like travel and big turns. The longboard that I put Leo on is essentially the bigger version of that called a hamboard. The hamboard is a 6 foot 6 inch piece of wood on some wheels. Leo loved riding on the hamboard. He was a little unsure at first, but then got used to the rhythm and flow of doing turns. Don't worry, I didn't go very far or very fast, so he was completely safe. Patch tried to stay on, but didn't like it at all, so that's that. Anyway, that's the relationship of my dogs and I, so hope you enjoyed the story.

WasabiHero WasabiHero
18-21, M
Apr 25, 2012