I Had A Dog...

J.D. and I first met when she was a wee twelve week old basset pup. We called her Pookie and Monkey and I loved her too much. She loved to climb as high as she could get on her short, crooked basset legs and we were the best of friends for over 15 years. I noticed a lump on her belly one day and it was diagnosed as a malignant tumor. I kept her with me for two more months, until I saw that she was beginning to show signs of discomfort. I could not bring myself to take her to the vet for that last good-bye, so instead I had a vet come to our house to put her to sleep. I have not been able to think of that day without hating myself for paying some one to come here and kill the best freind that I have ever had. I know that I did what was best for her, but after three years, I still feel like I didn't protect her. I have since rescued another basset pup, Katie, who looks a lot like my Pookie but who has a totally opposite personality. Pookie was sweet, Katie is funny and a little bit snarky. I love her a lot but I am always having to tell myself not to compare the two. I also have Russell, another rescue, who loves all female dogs and despises males. Russell is seven now and he and little Katie are quite good freinds. As much as I have come to love these two, I will always miss my pretty Pookie.
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Dogs are so beautiful & when they go, it is like losing a child. I think when we die we all meet up again. My old boy is almost 13 & although I will get another dog one day, his unique personality will never be matched. :o(