Grateful Crumbs

So yesterday I gave my dogs left over pizza and broke it off in small pieces and threw it on the floor... where else?

So they came and pick it off the ground and ate it... very happy to get DELICIOUS food from their MASTER.

And I thought to myself God gives us so many opportunities like the pizza crumbs I threw to the dogs.. God throws out of heaven to see if we are willing to PICK THEM UP and make something of them... if we are willing to see, recognize and appreciate them... like the dogs.. eating it like the most HEAVENLY buffet, licking the ground savouring each small bite and taste.

... so many let their opportunties pass them by but BEING LAZY is no excuse when you have the potential to make it; when you can serve the greater good with THE GOD GIVEN ABILITIES you have.

Are you grateful? Open your eyes God always provides in abundance for those who can see HIM at work in their lives.

Even though it may look gross at first sight... never judge a book by its covers, never take a gift for granted... take it from DOGS that is how they survive - making the best of each little crumb they can get their paws on... do not be frightened how it looks or if the opportunity scares you... hey learn from dogs THEY DO NOT JUDGE they just take it gratefully and that is how they keep alive...

PS: God is always there with you to provide for you even if you may fear something that looks like worm food; do it like they do on fear factor with the GOAL IN YOUR MIND... TO WIN this spiritual race called life... close your eyes and TRUST anything GOD PUTS BEFORE YOU IS GOOD and intended for your own greater good... take the BITE and keep your head above water... even in each struggle or spiritual test and challenge you have to go through there is some hidden treasure to be found when you get through the storm... each cloud has a silver lining... do you believe?
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 3, 2012