My Reason For Coming Home

I realize how silly my title may sound to many people, but let me explain...I do not want to be where I am, this is where I was born and I moved back here long ago in order to raise my children. Move then..many are probably thinking. Well that was the see my husband in a PA native and I am a military brat, we moved to Pa and that lasted for about a year. I moved back here so I had my immediate family to help me with my kids, my husband is a workaholic and he got it honest. I have little to no help from him with my kids, but that is a  different story. 
I have had many pets over the years, pets are a big part of not only my life growing up but my husbands as well. However animals like people are hard for me to get close to because we often times had to leave them or have lost them for various reasons. I have a cat that I love, but she and I have a love/hate relationship. She prefers the men in the house anyway, I have had her for about five yrs. My husband thought it would help fill the void when he started having to be gone for weeks at a time as a truck driver.
Nice try, but no dice. I have a love for small dogs, of course I love the bigger ones too, but for some reason the smaller breeds tug at my heartstrings. Before Boots came along the last dog I got close to was a full bred Dachshund named Snookums. She was a five year old, chocolate short haired fatty that I got from my best friend. One day she just disappeared and my whole family grieved over that dog. I refused to get close to or even try to have another dog for a very long time. Then my husband adopted a male full bred Dachshund from the Animal Control Center here for me. That was the meanest dog ever! He would snap at you and run off all the time. He was just hateful and nasty at times.He had been abused by his previous owners, we tried to deal with him but after he ran away and we found him in a field a week later with a broken paw we gave him to a family that had more time to work with him.
Then one night my mom called to tell me she knew someone who had a Dachshund puppy they wanted to give away!! I was so excited, so I called my husband and told him about it. He was not thrilled but then again he rarely is, the dog belonged to a distant cousin of mine. I found out that he was not a full bred but I wanted to see him anyway. I was beginning to have my doubts though the more I heard about him....he supposedly had issues with the other animals, and was having trouble being potty trained and so on. I went over to my Grandma's to see him with a heavy heart, I had already committed to taking him, but I was led to believe he was only a pup and that he was a full bred Dachshund.
They lived a good distance away and I didn't't want to back out for the dogs sake. To be honest at first I did not like the dog much at all. He was not marked like I imagined, he was taller than I imagined,his name was boots for Pete's sake, he just was not what I expected at all. By the time I got him home he was mine, heart and soul! He is my dog through and through, my baby Boots. He is one of the most loyal animals I have ever had, not to mention one of the smartest.

He stays by my side when I am home almost none stop. If he is not right with me he is never far away. He sleeps with me or right by my feet at night. I have tried to see the issues they had with him and no matter where I look I have seen few. He gets along fine with the cat, actually he fears and respects her. The other dog and him have some issues, but in the beginning they had none. He greets me when I return home and lets me know that I have been missed. He is very smart and a fast learner too. He does a few interesting tricks for his treats, but the coolest thing ever is that he knocks and I mean that literally, on the screen door when he wants to come back in! He is also my hero when someone is around that doesn't't belong...he barks and runs under the bed lol! I miss him terrible when I am away, but I am afraid he will bark if I take him with me and he doesn't't care for being in the car. So, I have to leave him at home and I will never give him up. I kids are grown and my husband is gone a lot, he keeps me company when no one is around. He will be with me until one of us dies, and if I move the place we go must allow pets. No he is not a full blooded Dachshund but he is part Dachshund and part Jack Russell Terrier. I love him and he is not just a pet to me, he is family. He even lets me know when he thinks I need to get off the computer for a while because he will stand on my lap between me and the computer. When I have not been outside for several days he will let me know he needs to go out but he won't go out unless I go out too. He is amazingly protective over the members of this family. Every time I move he does to which at times can be quite annoying, but at least I know he is making sure I am alright and the funny thing to me is the only time he does that is when there are other people here. If I am home alone he will watch me but he will stay where he is at. When he plays with the other family he plays rough nipping at them but when I play with them he never bites or nips at me. He is my reason for coming home when I feel like running away for good. I have to go home because my dog is there and I am not leaving him. He is my baby, and I have to go get him.
I know that there are people out there who think well animals are dumb and they have no heart,spirit or feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but my opinion is you animal haters are misguided because animals have all those things. They do feel love and every other emotion, and they do know who loves and cares for them. 
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2 Responses May 3, 2012

I'm glad that you two found each other...I hope you have many happy years together!

I do too, it would break my heart if I lost him. He is such a wonderful addition to my family and I love him so much. :)

I too have a Jack Russell who I rescued. His original name was Patches. Affectionately I call him patchy or simply my Prince. <br />
Jack Russels are really intelligent and loyal. <br />
When I first got Patches he was very shy and timid and seeing his fear you would know that he was abused. He was only 16 Pounds the picked him up and to day he weighs 26 Pounds. He is a healthy, happy and very loving companion. Our whole family loves him dearly. <br />
Dogs are beautiful creatures. No wonder they are famously known as man's best friend. They bring so much joy to our lives and give us unconditional love.