My Dog!!

My dog!! Oh!! i remember the day we adopted him!! i really wanted my own dog and we have a neighbor who had a dog that just gave birth so i asked if they were giving some away, at first i was hesitant to adopt a dog because i was worried that i might not have the skills to take of it and also my dad might not let me adopt it, but then i saw the poor state that the pup was in, caged up in a small cage for Guinea pigs! can you believe that a big pitbull mix breed dog caged up in a tiny place so i removed all my second thoughts and annoyed my dad to the bones until he agreed to let me adopt the pup! :3 and now it has been seven years and we are still together!! he's my bestfriend :DDDD
Izaya13 Izaya13
18-21, M
May 8, 2012