Emotionally Needy Great Dane Puppies

I have a 7-month-old Great Dane that is a wonderful 'person', but she suffers from separation anxiety. This has been a recent thing, as far as I know... but on Mother's Day, when my son took me out to dinner, she jumped off our 5-ft-high porch, and ran down the street to follow us (We didn't know about it.)! She ran out onto a street, where she was nearly hit by a car, and scared herself into coming home. Fortunately, I have some wonderful neighbours who, after she returned (with the people who nearly hit her and followed her home), locked into the house for me.

I've had her since she was 6 weeks old, and have never really been away from her, except during the winter, when the snow was so high that it'd have been a a pain the the @ss to take her along with me.

My husband is working in Colorado now, where I'll be moving soon, and has been gone for a little over a month... so it's just Raven, an African Grey parrot and me. She regularly jumps into bed with me while I'm fast asleep, and I find her nose snuggled onto my neck in the morning.

I know that I'll eventually have to start leaving her at home because when I move to CO, I'm going to have to get a job, and she'll basically be alone. But should I just start out now by locking her in the house and going to the grocery store or what?

I've never had a Great Dane before... Just "Lassie"-type collies. She's just so energetic and strong. She obeys very well, but when her 'puppihood' takes over, and she decides to 'go', I'm a total passsenger!

Are there any Great Dane people out there that have had to deal with the puppy energy? When do they start to calm down? I thought that she was going to be a total 'couch potato', but that obviously isn't the case!
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Caithness has a great answer. I would suggest similar training. There are good books also. <br />
Theres also Ceasar the dog whisperer ?<br />
I was thinking maybe a large cage. Bribe her with treats to sit in it and work up to confineing her in it for short periods then maybe longer. Make a nice bed for her in there and water. It should not hurt her if done with love and very gradually. Let her have time to get used to it.

I can't IMAGINE her voluntarily going into a cage!

My sisters dog Thunder is crate trained. He actually gets very excited when it is time to go in there. It is his "safe place" that even the fire works don't scare him while he's in there. It is lovely to see him so happy to go in there. It makes a world of difference when my sister goes out - he goes in there and stays happy as a clam til she gets home.

I had a Maltese with separation anxiety. Apparently this can happen in small households where the dog only has one person they mainly interact with all the time. The only cure for it is to get a second dog to keep the first dog company, or provide the dog with a larger human family.

YIKES!!! I can't imagine having 2 Great Danes! LOL... I hope that she'll grow out of it because when I move to Colorado, I'm going to have to get a job that doesn't involve working out of my home for a long while!

Hi, I hope this helps, I don't have a dane, but with my needy basset girl, I would just go and leave her for a few minutes at first, and then keep going for longer periods of time, until she got used to being left alone. I guess she also learned that I would always be back for her as well...Maybe less stressful for her than just making her accept a long absence all at once. Sounds like you love her a lot. Good luck!

Aww she sounds soooo cute. I love dogs. Yeah i have the same problem with my huskie pup. Neighbours tell us they hear him howling when were gone. My dad came up with the idea of giving him something to eat or play with while we were gone and it really worked. But as the person above me said, She'll probably grow out of it. Its like when a little kid doesent want to be sepertated from its mother. Dogs are just like kids lol.

Most dogs go through that stage, but do grow out of it eventually, least in my experience, we have four dogs of our own, mongrels , a mother and 3 pups, the mother is shy but the pups all have the idea that my outfit looks better with a fur collar!

Thank you for your response!<br />
This is the most wonderful ldog that I've ever had. She's going to be small for her breed... maybe 120lbs max... But we picked her out on purpose for that reason. She came from a bloodline that's smaller than usual and lives longer.<br />
<br />
She REALLY takes me for a ride when she wants to go somewhere... I weight about 100 lbs,, and sh'es about 85 at 7 months... but otherwise, she's REALLY obedient. When wer're walking (She's running.) in the forest,I can yell "Stop and Stay!".. and she can be 100 yards away from me, and will actually DO it!<br />
<br />
The 'separation anxiety thing' is problematic right now, but, as you said, she'll probably get over it.<br />
<br />
Thanks again for writing!