Scared Of Other Dogs

I have a collie, beagle mix. Zeke is about 6 years old. After coming in contact with too many aggressive smaller animals, including 2 pugs that ganged up on him and a farrat, he is scared of them. We recently met a puppy and Zeke ran under a small table that hid only half of him. It was funny at the time and the puppy had no interest in Zeke. Do you think this is a start of Zeke getting over his fear? I'm hoping with continued contact with this puppy that he will see that not all small animals aren't mean.
Badina Badina
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

Thanks for the advice. It sounds hard not to protect "my baby", but I will try. We need a dog trainer for so many behaviors.

You might want to work with a dog trainer to slowly get him used to being around other animals. As long as you are calm, it will help but if you jump in and react it might make things worse. It took months for us to get our two dogs where they would interact well with each other, but now they are inseparable.

if you baby zeke when he was scared he thinks is ok to be scared it may take a little time for him to get over being scared try not to baby him when zeke is in that state