Moreemotional Neediness From Pets

Now that I'm going to be moving,I'm trying to clear up my client load....I'm a business analyst.. and both my dog and my African Grey Parrot are going nuts because I'm on the computer all day, and not paying as much attention to them. The bird is no problem... He just talks more and bites me once in a while.... but the Great Dane puppy is REALLY getting out of hand!

I suppose that they can both sense that something is 'going on',but it's making me crazy! I try to take a few minutes off now and then to play with the dog, but she keeps getting wilder every day. I still take her with me everywhere that I go, and we go for walks in the forest every evening... but is it just because she's 7-1/2 month old and needs more activity?

Any ideas for keeping this dog more 'laid back',or is that just the way is goes with Great Dane puppies?
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Doggone it anyway....

LOL.. She's HUGE now, and she's only 8 months old. I just hope that she doen't p*ss off Phillip with her antics!

She already eats her weight in food every month, and she's still just a 'growing pup'! She as tall as I amright now, and weight almosst as much as I do, so I have to be really strict with her. She loves running around our neighbours' places like a greyhound... Thank god that we live in a quiet area with no traffic! I've heard that Great Danes are a little wild in their younger years... but I didn't find that out until I brought her home! LOL