Grooming Nightmare....

I love my 2 yr old yorkie-poo and she is awsome but when we try to groom her she wont hold still and struggles the whole time. I dont have a lot of spare cash to pay a groomer all the time and could sure use some tips.
Right now she needs brushing , haircut , and mats cut out , and nails cut.
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have you tried slow steps and many treats? if someone holds her and you cut off just one of the mats, then let her go, praise her enormously, give a favorite treat, then wait a couple of hours and try another mat. step by step, she will get the training that grooming is a GOOD thing and she will get rewards for co-operation.

This is tricky, I tried to save money by "trimming" my poodle once and injured her eye, this cost 300 dollars to treat, and I am sure that it hurt her more than it hurt my I just pay the professional groomer which is much less costly in the long run. Get her groomed and then wash and brush her often, those things are cheap. :-)

Have you ever seen a razor comb? It is a comb that has a razor in the teeth. It is safe and effecting for painlessly cutting out mats and trimming up a coat that isn't too long or out of control.<br />
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Also, putting a short leash on her so she can't move too much and you have both hands free that way. Have the leash tied above her, not to any side. <br />
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Nail clipping... I have not found any nice way for this. That little nail sander device is a favorite by my sister. She uses it on her two dogs.. Pedipaw...<br />
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Good luck and I can so relate to this issue you are having.

Good tips Jean , thank you!

You might want to investigate positive training, which is rewarding the dog for behaviors you want them to do. It's so much less stressful for you and for the dog if you teach them that grooming isn't scary and isn't going to hurt.<br />
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Here's a good video on getting a dog to enjoy being handled:<br /><br />
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Then you can s-l-o-w-l-y get her used to you picking up her feet, touching her lightly with the brush, etc. The key is patience. LOTS of patience. It's not something you're going to teach her in a week or two. But the more time you spend letting her know you're trustworthy and won't hurt her, the better she'll feel about grooming, and the more she'll bond with you.

great advice , thank you!