Under The Weather

I havent been having a good week, my dog Miki is dying, it seems like shes in her final days, and im really sick. well actually my whole family is, but i guess thats just how it is. when one person gets sickin our house, then were all sick.
i dont even think miki will last that long. ive had her for 15 years, and shes been a great dog, more like family. ill miss her so much. she doesnt even eat anymore, or drink, she cant even move sometimes. instead of jumping around and catching lizards, all she does is sleep, or actually she just lies there becasue she cant move. I have to help her stand up sometimes, its so sad. i love her so much, its so hard to see her this way. i keep thinking: "was i a good enough owner? did i love her enough?" Its also graduation in exactly one week, ha, isnt that just perfect? so much for the happy high school endding. i cant stop crying. i dont know how ill survive the last week of school or how ill focus on all my finals. i honestly dont.
hokulani22 hokulani22
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Hang in there - the great thing about dogs is you love them so much and if you are a dog person you always will love them! Don't fail your exams though - that's not how you'll want to remember this time in your life.

thanks for your support :)