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my mun ist start dress me as girl at aog off ten we mover to new area to live but i do not change school as my mum cloud driver me the in ten min when we mover in to our new home i was dress as girl told people in road i was her daughter jenny on school days my mum would dress me girl school unform my mum work in paper shop she driver me to her work in girl school unform off navy blue skirt light blue blouse and white sockes at shop i would get change into boy school unform and go to school as boy paper shop was only ten min waik from school at end school i would go back to paper shop i then change back in to my school girl unform my mum would take me home as a girl at home i get change in to dress or a skirt my old brother mates ussd to think i was a girl i made frined with girl next door then days we wear our skirts dresses short all then i try not show my knickers my brother mates would allways let me know if then see then at aog off 14 we mover my mun stop dress me as girl yet for 4 years i was live as a girl as wrint in my story i be on hoildays as a girl and away at week end
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There is a spell checker available in the story editor. I suggest you use it.

Could I please suggest that you select everything that you have written here and copy it to a word processing document and paste it in there. then do a spell check on it and then click edit this story- I can't see it but you should be able too, then paste in the editted copy and click to post the new story- what you have written is great but it needs the spelling looked at I suspect. <br />
<br />
PS My spelling sucks just as much so don't worry

alanrunner yes i from uk

I love your train-of-thought style, no commas, fullstops, or capitals, but it is easy to read. Are you in the UK like me? You talke about knickers and not panties.