Spoonz has had a tendency towards hoarding since he was a puppy. For the first year that he lived with us, I was constantly finding rawhides, toys, Milkbones, and certain articles of my clothing that he likes to steal tucked away in his crate, between the cushions of the couch, and buried in the pillows on our bed. To a degree, this behavior lessened after we got Roxy. He got better about eating treats and such when we gave them to him simply because if he didn't, Roxy would steal the treat and eat it herself.

So, Tuesday when I got home from work, there were remnants of a bag of bread crumbs scattered all over the kitchen and living room floors. I started cleaning it all up, and soon realized that there was also most of a a package of tortillas missing off of the counter, but I couldn't find the bag anywhere in the two rooms. I finally just gave up and figured that they had eaten the plastic bag as well as the tortillas.

Last night, M and I were sitting on the big couch watching TV. Spoonz kept coming over and trying to stick his head in the cushions, but wasn't getting very far because we were blocking his way. M finally had enough of his whining and got up and pulled the cushion out. Spoonz popped his head in, and pulled out a very tattered bag with the remnants of a handful of tortillas trailing crumbs across the living room floor.

I fell off the couch from laughing so hard, and M just didn't know what to do.
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

Yes, it's absolutely adorable....until you go to crawl in bed and get poked by a rawhide chewy.

A hoarding hound. So sweet.

XD So cute!

Lol Sounds like my sheltie. He took my husbands banana flip ate it then hid the evidence of his crime behind his chair. They're so cute sometimes.