I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Her full name is Snubbull Gale Vicious "Roachbane", Devourer of Steak and Destroyer of Villages. (I may have had a small bit of alcohol in me at the time of naming.)
She's only 10 month's old, but bigger than Precious already. She's loud, playful, likes to cuddle and sleeps with me. She chases bubbles and like to pop bubble wrap. She really likes cats, since she grew up with them. She doesn't eat off the coffee table, but I haven't quite gotten her to stay off the counters.
She doesn't like the smell of White Jasmine, but likes the taste of Bitter Spray.
She knows "Sit" (Sits down.) "No"(Stops what she's doing) "Lay"(lays down) "C'mere!"(Comes to me) "Go elsewhere"(Goes away) "Dammit, dog!"(She dun goofed) "Go to Alice" (my girlfriend) "Go to grandma" (my mother) "Kill Precious" (She attacks Precious, my other dog.)

I know that Ridgebacks are and loyal, and learn things very easily. And they're real smart.
Like, I've never had an animal that's this smart. It's trippy.

...and she was the only one in her litter No stillborns or anything, just...only one born.
So I guess it's a good thing that I called "Dibs!" before she was born, huh?
Izlakd Izlakd
22-25, M
May 24, 2012