My first dog that i ever had just died yesterday morning. she was my guard dog, my protector, my friend. always there for a cuddle when i was lonely, always leaving me dead geckos to clean up or stinky poop to step in, but i loved her nonetheless. i still remember when she was healthy, how she would jump up and down expecting a treat when i came down the stairs to go to my room. or how she would go insane when the neighbors walked their mutts in our yard.
ill always remember her floppy ears, her thick-but short black coat, her deep brown eyes, and her paws and her tip of her tail, which looked like they were dipped in white paint.
i never got to see her dead body. somehow im glad i didnt. i dont want to remember her that way. now eveytime i go downstairs i always expect to see her bouncing around barking at some strangers dog, or stalking some geckos. i have to keep reminding myself that shes gone. i will never forget her as long as i live and i hope shes somewhere much much better where theres a lot of little geckos that she can chase. i love you miki. R.I.P.
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i am so sorry for your loss I wish i could give you a hug and make it easier not that anything could but just to be there to support and comfort you

thank you :)

Dogs are such a special part of our lives. I recently lost my little buddy this past April, so I really understand how you feel. It takes a while to heal. I still expect Tucker to greet me when I come home or be there waiting to go out in the morning. There really is such a hole in my heart. I've realized that I'm just not complete without a dog. As soon as I can, and after a vacation this summer, I'm going to get another one. My heart goes out to you. Sorry for your loss.

thank you :) and im sorry for your loss. although a new dog can never replace our old friends, theres always room for a new friend.

I am so so sad for u, what true little buddies they really r, my thoughts r with u xxx

thanks :3

So sorry to hear your sad news. It really is heartbreaking. I have had strong bonds with all my animals and when they go - its so sad. I am sending you big hugs and lots of them to help you through this.

thank you so much :)

I am sending you a hug. I know how deep the pain is and how long it can last. I still get weepy thinking of my lost babies. Hugs.

thank you, and im sorry for your loss :/