My Grand Old Lady

She came into my life twelve years ago, when she was just four and a half months old. Someone had thrown her out of a car on a busy road in my city; she was scared, cold and wet. She was rescued by some friends of mine who took her home, but they couldn't keep her because their own dog tried to attack her. So after reporting finding her to the police and the local dogs' home, and waiting the obligatory amount of time for someone to claim her, my partner and I decided that we would keep her.

She's half black labrador, and half something else that we were never quite able to figure out. She's a little slimmer than an averave lab, with a narrower head, and her colouring is brindly-brown rather than pure black.  She has a little white diamond shaped patch on her chest, and white toes. Now she's getting to be a grand old lady, she's getting white around her face too.

So far, touch wood, she's in good health although her joints are getting a bit stiff and she can't walk as far as she used to. But she still loves to go to the park and she still tears down the garden when I say "squirrel!"
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1 Response Jun 6, 2012

Ahh, so cute. There is nothing like the love of a dog, especially one that was thrown away.