I Prefer My Dog to My Husband

My sweet understanding dog, always listens, never bites. It's not that I wish my husband followed me around the house, hoping that I would drop a bread crust on the floor. But every once in a while, boy would it be nice to just lean on him, tell him how much my day sucked, and have him just give me a hug and nod.

But, you know, everyone is the center of their own universe, which I think is in part why we have dogs, so we can be the center of something else's too.

Although, I do compete  heavily with food.

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To be honest i think we all need some company. We all need to know we are loved and respected for who we are and what we do. We donĀ“t need a pat on the back constantly but once in a while it is nice to know we are apriciated for who we are and that we are loved.I may live alone with my four hounds because I prefer it that way. However i love company of humans too. There is no need to feel lonely and because of my hounds friends and aquaintances I never do. I like company but I like being alone too and just do as I please or my whimsy dictates me. Thanks for sharing your experience it does make you pause slightly and think about life and just how diffrent we all are from each other and how that diversity is the very essens of life colourful and just great to be a part of.

My husband thinks the dogs are his, but the dogs & I know better. They know who takes theforcece walks and who feeds & bathes them. I love my dogs too. When I'm down & out, I don't have to say anything, they just know.

yes dog have very high smell detection. They can know who been in home. Who is friendly or not. I dont have my own dog but like a dog he knows I am not a threat

WOW LADIES I am glad I am not the only one with an emotionally imbalanced husband!!!! I too love my dogs and cats,,and the dogs are so sweet...we lost the ones we had and it was so difficult. I had a big old Rottie girl named Sadie she died of cancer. I am still missing her from this past January. We now have Rikka and she does fill the void and time. I completely understand the deal about the dogs. <br />
<br />

My dogs cuddle with me at night, are faithful and comforting when I am upset, and as for so little in return. The husband? If I had an outside dog box, he would be put in it! He only cares about his buddies and beer!

Love your point of view. I laughed because when I left my husband, I took the dog and left him with the cat. The dog is independent ....ok not trained well. However with all the changes since we left, the dog stays a constant. He's been my pillow, my friend, my protector, and my child. I don't miss my husband and I have a feeling the dog doesn't miss the mean cat.

Yes, I totally agree. Between my husband and 2 teenagers, the universe does revolve around them, and in my dogs eyes I'm God!! They love unconditional and make no demands, well Belly rubs!!

I prefer my dog to my husband HANDS DOWN. He loves me unconditionally which is more than I can say for husband. And he has better breath! :)

I didn't mean to rate your commet as 1, but can't undo. I actually, laughed out loud at your response, which given my BORED mood, well, thank you...

That's too bad that you can't get your husband to pay as much attention to you as the dog. Have you tried enticing him with something other than bread crusts? LOL