Joey and Izzabella

I got my first dog Joey from the pound. The worker tolled me that joey was a stary  dog. One day Joey got out and I found him at this house with a female dog and a couple of mounths went by and on my way to my friends house I saw two puppies so I put up flyers and I found there owners then a couple of day later I found out that the owners where giving the pups away so ask my mom if I can have one and she said I can so I went to the house and ask the owner if I can have one of the pups and she said yes and thats how I got my scound dog Izzabella. also Joey is the father of Izzabella.   that is how I got my dogs and I love them so very much.

coolgirl2468 coolgirl2468
1 Response Jun 7, 2008

that's so cool that father and baby are together again. having a dog is the best, i couldn't imagine my life without mine. :)