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I adopted a dog last week and boy, I never knew how much of a sloth I had become. I live in a condo in an urban area, so I don't have the luxury of letting my dog run outside in a yard whenever she wants. I've got to strap on a leash and walk her to the nearest park... about 4 times a day. And to tell the truth, I'm enjoying it (even though she woke me up at 2 AM to go potty). I love her. And btw, I've lost 5 lbs since I got her. Now there's a bonus I hadn't expected.

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If you are walking that dog four times a day and enjoying it, you're no sloth! Congratulations on the weight loss and a new friend.

Two dogs and your going to fall away to nothing lol

I bet she's an angel.

awesome that you adopted a dog!

You will also live much longer have a constant loyal companion and the satisfaction of having saved a precious soul who is now loved and there is the benefitts of being a much calmer and happy more slender you. I should know I have got four sighthounds. Three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet.Thanks for sharing and welcome to the lovely new world of dogownership.Greydk and the lads.

Mine get me out in the rain. Mine make me search out knew spots to walk in.

Hi,mine just turned nine today,yap a holloween puppy,every year we go for a walk on Holloween to see the goblans,lol,she enjoy's it,lol....plus one a year ice cream cone.<br />
Jercie give your dog a bit of time and she will be in your routeen in know time..aaaaauuuuuu

Dogs are lovely creatures, so loyal and giving. It's so cool that getting her has been such a positive experience for you. You can bet she appreciates your care and friendship!

She will keep you active. I live in an apartment with my dog too.

You live in a flat so do I the only diffrence is that you have one dog I have got four sighthounds but we are priveledged here one huge paddoc that is completely fenced in and another smaller paddoc also fenced in. So enough oppertunities for the lads to stretch their legs. I have no garden either but a rather large pattio. however my lads go out when they let me know that they want to and need to. Sothey get what they need and then some. I recently picked my new greyhound up as I lost one of my precious lads two months ago. I still miss him an awful lot and a life without him is hard however there are my other lads to consider and since there are thousands of greyhounds needing a good home I knew that once the right greyhound was there I would take him home. His name is Collin former Geneva Noisy( racing name.)Yes by lads keep me active in moreways than one. I love taking them for walks and comming home is part of the attraction. So well done for adopting your new dog and giving her a second chance of life.

If you love your dog, you will keep it on a leash unless you are out away from people like in the woods where he can run. People are mean, if you don't watch him, he may eat something and be harmed.

that's great that she keeps you active. I recently got a new dog too and she is a joy to have...

Be careful about that 2am stuff! Dogs are creatures of habit and you need to be careful what you get them used to......<br />
<br />
I have a yard, but always walk him, so now he never goes in the yard - he waits for his walk. Great on clean-up because there isn't any, but it makes it tougher when i have to travel for work, since the rest of the family isn't really interested in taking out the dog.<br />
<br />
Good luck and enjoy!

Poppy thinks more people should have dogs like her. Since she arrived in her new home, her new family have had their lives turned upside down - in a very good way !! They get out far more, meet loads of lovely people (and their dogs !) and have plenty of fresh air and exercise. She just wishes she could find out about more interesting places (other than the usual woods, parks, etc) where she'll be welcome - in the UK primarily because that's where she lives ! Can anyone out there help ?

Good on you for adopting :D great way to get fit!

great...I have a 2 year old puggle, and was in an apartment as well. It was great to have that routine, even if it did mean some cold mornings. My new apartment is on the first floor and has a patio, so he doesn't get out quite as much, but I still try to get him out for a run during the day, and spend a couple of days a week at the dog park. <br />
<br />
They are wonderful companions

Now we know why they say people with pets live longer!

that's really similar to what i have to do. i live in a townhouse, and since my family uses up all available yard space with tomato plants (that never grow anything) i have to take my pup for walks all the time. it's actually pretty rewarding though, even though it gets to be a pain when it's raining, snowing or just plain really cold. but it's nice to know that you and your dog get some excercise. and that's the point. well, that and no accidents in the house.<br />
give her an ear rub for me!

i like **** and girls

my doggy was so happy to take a walk in the park, my parents took him around the same time everyday. around 5pm he was excited just waiting for someone to put their shoes on cause that meant going out... and i love saying "lets go" damn that baby went nuts jumping around

You can't trust people that don't like dogs! <br />
I wouldn't be without mine (he's a very lovely boy - I've just him so!).

that is spectacular....and she/he loves you too!

h ah ai jus adopted a dog from a shelter i was fortsering for -- she was my 4th foster & i fell in love with her. every week we are learning more about each other & she is so sweet to me. she is aan omega dog -- and was sooo submissive. when i first got her & people would wanna pet her....as soon as they came near her she would very calmly sit down and wait for them to stop -- stooping her head & averting her eyes, she was scared of prople.<br />
<br />
now she goes up to everybody & sniffs & licks them. It makes me so happy when she's happy. Little basenji girl but sweet & patient as can be!!! she wants my cats to play with her but they're confused....

Whenever I don't feel like going out for my daily cardio workout, my adopted mutt turns into the best fitness coach a woman could ask for. I see those eyes just begging me to take her out for a stroll and I think about how happy she will be when we come back... and that's it! How can I resist?

Very nice, fit and healthy dogs keep you. I've got a 7 month old foxhound and running is ALL he likes to do.<br />
<br />
Keep up the good work.

congratulations, what a blessing for you =)

That's nice! You found a friend and a companion for life. I remember my cat who sleeps with me at night and then wakes me up when he needs to pee or go to his litter box :P

That's how I felt when I got my dog also. It was like the sky opened up for me. I'm happy we found our four-legged companions!

A cute little Shiba Inu who's almost 4 years old. She's the sweetest dog I ever met. I'm so glad she chose me! :D

good for you hunny keep up the good work. <br />
i'm glad you have found the joy dogs can bring to your life. <br />
((((((hugs)))))))) hunny and congrats.

Dogs are ace!

Keep up the great work! My dog is going to be 10 in January and I to, live in a area where I have to put a leash on everytime I take her out. After so many years now of doing so, when I do open the door for her to run she waits looks at me with a face of "are you ready or what?".. Keep the faith! Your dog will love you the more and more you spend time with it. Congrats on the 5lbs as well! I would also suggest a doggie day care if you have that as an option.

Yup keewp that doggy thin and you will be too!<br />

that's great..........keep it up