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Words From a New Dog Owner

I adopted a dog last week and boy, I never knew how much of a sloth I had become. I live in a condo in an urban area, so I don't have the luxury of letting my dog run outside in a yard whenever she wants. I've got to strap on a leash and walk her to the nearest park... about 4 times a day. And to tell the truth, I'm enjoying it (even though she woke me up at 2 AM to go potty). I love her. And btw, I've lost 5 lbs since I got her. Now there's a bonus I hadn't expected.

jercesimpson jercesimpson 46-50 38 Responses Jun 9, 2008

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Hi,mine just turned nine today,yap a holloween puppy,every year we go for a walk on Holloween to see the goblans,lol,she enjoy's it, one a year ice cream cone.<br />
Jercie give your dog a bit of time and she will be in your routeen in know time..aaaaauuuuuu

Mine get me out in the rain. Mine make me search out knew spots to walk in.

You will also live much longer have a constant loyal companion and the satisfaction of having saved a precious soul who is now loved and there is the benefitts of being a much calmer and happy more slender you. I should know I have got four sighthounds. Three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet.Thanks for sharing and welcome to the lovely new world of dogownership.Greydk and the lads.

awesome that you adopted a dog!

I'm envious - enjoy !

I bet she's an angel.

Two dogs and your going to fall away to nothing lol

If you are walking that dog four times a day and enjoying it, you're no sloth! Congratulations on the weight loss and a new friend.