He's Different

I've been having my dog (Gucci) since April 23rd, 2011. He had been rejected my another family but we took him in with lots of love. He's a mix which I'm not very sure about. He has filled an empty space at home. He lies next to me, he always wants to play with me, and he's very friendly (except with dogs) hahah We tried to potty train him yet he only pees in this plastic we had to place under the dinner table. I know it's gross, but we try to keep our place as clean as possible. When we first brought him in, the landlords didn't know about him. When they found out they said that if it was a gift I could keep it but if I had bought him, I had to give it back. Weird belief but thankfully he was a gift. We just can't live without him, even if he's been so distructive around the house. We love him :)
Daniyoul Daniyoul
18-21, F
Jun 29, 2012