I Love My Dogs More Than Men

That's what men say when they realise exactly where they stand with me. One day, my puppies will die and I will either get a man or a dog... Hmmm, which one would be loyal and stay around?
tinkiewinkie tinkiewinkie
41-45, F
7 Responses Apr 21, 2007

single mom of son/ Dog is very faithful will protect his master. Man leave woman but dog will not/ Love to chat if u like new friend

Dogs appreciate whatever kindness you show them, and will respond with loyalty. I vote for a dog.


Men will let you down a dog never will xxx Tina

Get both...a four legged dog and a two legged dog. a barking dog and a talking dog. a dog's a dog! you just have to train 'em properly! :)

I would get a dog !!!

Get a dog!!!! lol

The dog - obviously :-) - though not all men are thoughtless and philandering - some of us would love to find someone they could be loyal to and stay around