Banjo Is My Best Buddy, He's My Dog.

Banjo's a standard poodle. He's  2 years old.  He has  very blueblood with papers and all. I love poodles because I had them as child.  He's like a family member to me.  My husband and I have a "non-traditional living arrangement".  So I spend much more time with my pooch than him.  Banjo is uncannily bright. He is always very up-beat. Let's not talk about unconditional love.  I can't help but appreciate this canine's utter devotion to me.  My son has a form of "high functioning autism "  and Banjo brings out the best in him too. He has this sense of just how to be with each of us.  Of course, he has limitless energy so he needs a lot of our attention. but he's worth it. My husband chides me on how much money I spend on him (he needs grooming and he has Addison's disease which requires medicine and bloodwork-he can live a normal life) To me the energy I expend on Banjo is given back many fold. I won't even say what I get for the energy expended on said spouse. Just thought I liked to acknowledge my appreciation for the canine in my life.
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Are you sure your marriage is working out alright? "I won't even say what I get for the energy expended on said spouse."

hi, I'm owned by four standard poodles! They are such amazing dogs :) I am building a health database so that people can find out more about the pedigrees of their poodles. If you have the time I would love to add your poodle's addison's status. If you have any questions or want to send me the info please contact me at:<br />
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Right now I have over 12,000 poodles with a variety of health information including longevity. I was inspired to start this because of my 11yr old who has epilepsy. Please! anyone who is interested in helping send me an email :)!!

thanks for your thoughts, checked out your web site. that's great. bookmarked it for future reading and reference. Poodles are so great!!!!

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I have a female red 4 year old Standard Poodle and a new 16 week old apricot male standard poodle. We just love them.<br />
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We recently lost our 3 year old male apricot to leukemia and last year we lost a brown standard male to kidney diseast. It was really hard.<br />
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I have a website all about Standard Poodles if you'd like to check it out.<br />
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