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My Dog Tobi

I got Tobi about 2 weeks ago and sense then, he's been doing a lot of weird (but funny) stuff. He steals mine and my moms panties, bras, and once, he took my jeans out of the hamper and put them in his water bowl! He is one naughty doggy! But he is really lucky cause he's really cute! ;P He use to be a strey and I just felt so sorry for him that I just HAD to take him in! I had to practically BEG my mom into keeping him! Again, he is really lucky cause he's really cute! ;P
lonergirl45 lonergirl45 26-30, F 1 Response Jul 7, 2012

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So cute. Wonder if he was a man in his last life. Lol

......... Ok, I know what you mean, but that would just be so ******* creapy! (lol)