I Taught A Pitt Bull A Lesson

May years ago,I shared a House with a friend of mine named Tom. We were both Newly Divorced,and had a Lot in common,so we got along well. On one thing we differed. He got a Pitt Bull Puppy,and began raising it,as he said for protection. He would Fight with it,wrestle with it,play tug of war,really roughly. I told him he was making the dog mean,He said he was just making him tough,so he would be a good protector. Whenever someone Knocked at the door this dog would go wild growling at whoever it was lunging,it would really scare people. I told Tom one of these days that dog was gonna get out and bite someone,and them he would be sorry. He thought it was funny. to him the dog was Well mannered and Tame. Eventually the dog started Growling at me when Tom wasn't around,And I Lived there. I warned Tom several times,that one day that dog and I were gonna have it out.He would just Laugh and say "Good Luck".
One day ,in the middle of the day ,I forgot something at home ,and had to leave work to go home and get it,Tom wasn't Home.I didn't even think about the dog. I went in my room and,and when I turned around to leave,there was Spike(that was his Name) behind me growling,and showing his teeth. He wouldn't let me leave my room. He became more aggressive and backed me into a corner.Nothing I said to him would calm him down. He lunged and Bit the Calf of my leg,the more I struggled the harder he clamped down.I finally balled up my Fist and Hit him up side his head,no effect,again,no effect My leg was beginning to hurt Badly. I summoned all my strength and hit him as hard as I could,with this he let go,but I had a seering pain in my hand,I had broken a Knuckle.
The dog backed off ,but then lunged again,At this point my adrenalin was Gushing. I took off my heavy Western Leather Belt and started in on him,at first little effect but soon I had that dog running for HIS Life. Once I got the upper hand ,I knew it was my chance to teach this Dog who is The Boss. I whipped him within an inch of his life.
I never told Tom what happened with the dog Cause I knew He would be on the Dogs Side. From that day on,Tom could never figure out why,when I walked in the room,or some stranger came to the Door,SPIKE would Duck his Head and run for Toms Bedroom.
I Love dogs and have always had one in my life, I have never had to give any dog of mine more than an occasional wack on the rump,to make them behave. If you teach a dog to be aggressive,It will get out of your control .
Looking back It was Tom I should have taken my Belt to.
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Good honest post. You had to teach the dog a lesson for biting you. Did he ever injure anyone else?

Tom gave the dog away shortly after, once the dog was no longer aggressive,growling,and snarling at anyone that came to the door, Tom had no use for it. I think he is Typical of the People that want these kind of dogs.He LIKED the fact that the dog growled and was aggressive to EVERYONE but HIM. I think, he thought if anyone broke into the house the Dog would protect him. LIke most other people,that teach their dogs to be mean, usually these dogs end up attacking Innocent children, or elderly people. Not intruders. What is astounding to me is ,if you read the comments the majority of the people are Mad at "ME" for whipping the Dog. This Dog viciously, attacked me, I got 16 stitches in my Calf, and Muscle damage. I didn't even whip the dog hard enough to bring Blood or do any lasting Harm,and most are mad at "ME" .I guess this Mentality explaines why we keep hearing news stories about Women and Children,being KIlled and Mauled by dogs than have been trained to be Mean. The Foolish owner Is always there saying "Well they NEVER did anything like this Before" Yeah Right" People that train their dogs to be mean should be Held responsible,for their CRIMES. :)

Glad he got rid of him. Hope he never attacked anyone else. People may not have read the complete story. Alot of dog enthusiasts out there!

I am a Animal Lover and Have always had Dogs, Cats, ect.Since I Live way out in the country,usually the dogs,I end up with are the Dogs that city people get tired of and "DUMP" in the country. They don't understand the dog would have a better chance in town at least it would have a chance of someone taking it in. Where I am it is 5 miles between Houses.By the time these animals find their way to my house they are Skin and Bones.I haven't the heart to Shoot them ,that is what some of my Neighbors do.I end up feeding them and having them for years till they die of old age. I have had up to 6 dogs at one point ,because of people "Dumping" them. :)

Sorry I couldn't stop laughing. The dog really had it coming and I hope your leg made a full recovery. Just so you know. The chest of the dog is quite fragile a good kick or whack in that area will prevent you from breaking anything.

If you gonna have any dog you should know how to train what if was little girl or boy n dog bite you both idiots

Do you Know how to READ ?

What ever the bloody pittbull did to you. There is no excuse of beating it or wacking it or people for that matter I can understand you resenting the pittbulls. They are unpredictabel at the best of times you never ever turn you back on them.They are bred to be dog agressive and no matter how sweet they seem to some they can´t be trusted there are other breeds that you can trust the pittbulls is just too unpredictabel and at time viscious.I have seen it first hand more than once. I am not impressed with the breed eventhough you can´t realy blame the breed you can blame the morons who bred them to be that way to begin with. It is the curse of that breed which is a shame as it is with other breeds bred for roughly the same purposes as the pittbulls. such as Tosa Inu, Presso de canario ect ect. These breeds should be banned for good and anyone who claims they are ooh so sweet are very very wrong or blinded by love for these monstereous dogs.

Being attacked by a Pitt is terrifying but you learn one valuable lesson......how fast you can run. And apparently for me..thats pretty fast.

What happened to your leg? Did you have to see a doctor or take antibiotics? Its good Spike learned to respect you & others. The problem w/not telling your roommate what happened is that he may very well get another Pit & train that dog in the very same way. You're right though, too bad you couldn't have punished your roommate w/the belt, it was he that deserved the training.

Apparently he did in this situation. I wouldn't advocate people just out right beat animals, that's horrible, though in this situation it was his life or the dog's. So it seems you think the dog's was worth more.

In case you don't know what a Dumb animal is Capable of Intellectually, Dogs don't have Respect only Fear,this is how the Picking order is established. They Fight each other to establish superiority .
The dog WASN"T Scared of me He was attacking ME !

I Had 16 stitches and a dozen Puncture wounds. I had a Limp for 2 months because of muscle damage.