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I have often read, "live in the now" I have read it so often it has become a cliche, lost it's meaning for me. I read something else yesterday. It is a passage in some AA literature. Yes, I am an alcoholic and I do AA meetings-I'm also sober, thank God.

But that's another story. I want to tell about the concept of "live in the moment" The story I read goes like this: If I want to plan, control, determine everthing in my life for next year, I will fail. Next year is not in my hands. I may not even be alive. Next month is more controllable, more determine-able. Statistically the chances of being alive next month are much better than being alive next year.

As I shorten the period of my looking ahead, I become more in control. Tomorrow is almost predictable. My bank balance will be very similar to what it is today. So too my health and my relationship with another and the length of my hair. I'm not saying it WILL be, but the likelyhood of things being more or less the same is higher.

When the period that I look ahead becomes a moment, I am in control. I can choose my action in every next moment and I can make good choices based on my values and my beliefs and what I already know about this moment.

I'm not saying, I won't plan my holiday, or pay my insurance premium, because it's too far in the future and I cannot be sure about it. No, I'm saying be present now, inhabit this moment fully, because this moment IS my life.

I feel light and exhilirated. I'm smiling inside me. I'm happy that I am here, sober and present. I love EP
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I wish you the best and i am happy to read you are here, present and sober. Cheers :).

We have a doggie too, and we couldn't live without her... Dog Lover's forever

Congratulations on being sober! - You have found the support you needed to help you control that demon and you've succeeded and now there's nothing you can't overcome. Thank you for sharing your story, it will be encouragement to others who are still suffering and affirmation to those who, like you, are free.

Wow! Dis I write this? I LOVE it!!

great words to live by. you seem a smart and sexy women. i would love if you would accept me as a friend. cheers

Wow, good words to live by. Stay well and thanks for the wise words!!

Wise words. Stay sober. Drunk is too much hassle.

congratulations on your sobriety! And congrats on defining your life and pleasure in life. I wish I could find that peace more often.

I fail to see the moment ahead for worrying about the tasks ahead. Your thoughts challenge that way of seeing the day.

That's a good thought. Thank you.

They might become cliches in the light of what you have achieved...and be sure to now that it is a great achievement. I have worked at a rehabilitation clinic and watching people from all walks of life and all colour trying desperately to gauge back some resemblance of their lives or rather themselves. To you this might be a cliche as AA defines you only look to tomorrow and no further. Take one day at a time. Its how you address your situation and how you cope with it...keep strong. Thanks for sharing...wonderful you have made the change and you are happy with yourself!