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Best Dog Ever

Rick was an anbandoned little puppy, something like 8 months old when I got him from an independent shelter. Now he's 11 (about since nobody knows when exactly he was born) almost an old guy but still the best

That's him on my bed a few days after he got home

Walk in the woods on a rainy day

Me and the little boy after he got hurt in a fight with another dog (six stitches on his neck, he has fully recovered since that happened two years ago)
Gunslinger2012 Gunslinger2012 26-30, M 2 Responses Aug 19, 2012

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Yeah, he's a good-looking Dude!
Do you take him to bed with you?
I always did when I had the Springer Spaniels!

Awwwh he's beautiful! :D