Lulu & You!!

Tomorrow I am part of a big cross country rescue transport. I'm really excited to be part of something bigger than me. All this for a pup. Her name is LuLu, and she is going to Colorado! You may not know this, but Macon Georgia has a local hero. He goes to kill shelters, and negotiates for "pardons". The dogs are pardoned from being PTS. He finds every single last dog a home! Starting first in Macon, and now in Terrell County. He's the real deal! 

Shane was at the shelter one day last year, and found a dog that had a gash in her throat so deep she was almost decapitated.  A young man had left her hung on a fence with electrical cord. Shane pulled her out of the shelter, for immediate vet care.  Animal control  didn't even provide any vetting, just left her to wallow in a tiny cell on a concrete floor. He got her help, and showed the first love she had ever known.  He named her HOPE.  Hope struggled and fought to live, but the damage to her esophagus, and a pre-existing esophagus issue kept her from being able to swallow food.  HOPE lost her fight.  HOPE made such an impression on Shane Smith, and his wife that they are now determined to make a difference for forgotten, neglected, and thrown away dogs.  
Don't think you can do anything? Flat Broke like everybody else? Drop off your old towels, or old blankets to your local shelter. Donate some dog food, foster a dog, or volunteer to do transports.

Be part of something bigger than yourself! Get involved! 
Please check out the links below of the Terrell County Pardon. I have included Shane and Hopes Facebook links too!
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(tears in my eyes) I do volunteer at the local kitty shelter...

I know.. really sad!

Here at Waffle House... Waiting for the pick up!

Steak and egg breakfast :-p


Nope. Just to meet n pick up Lulu! What a cutie!!!