The Forgotten Greyhounds!

Does it sound like a joke? Well ist any thing but a joke.In 2006 the last official racetrack in Barcelona closed its gates for good incidently for tax reasons. Leaving more than six hundred greyhounds all of whom had been imported to Spain from Ireland. Their soul purpose was to race which they did many of them severly injured and kept in absolutely nightmarish conditions at the notorious Santa Coloma Kennels. A nice sounding name for a greyhound concentration camp.Now back in 2006 I was aboard member of an organisation called Galgos sos Denmark. Their dedication to the Spanish galgoes is indisputabel. However when it became time to help the six hundred Irish greyhounds stranded in Barcelona they were not willing to help as much as one poor soul. Their answer is we only help galgoes. I was infuriated with them for being so very cold hearted and biased. You see it was through them that my Spanish born Irish greyhound came home back then they could hardly destinguish between a galgo Espaniol and a greyhound. I got my very first greyhound back in 1986 and since I lost her to age related illness in 1993 I had missed having a greyhound by my side. On the 22 of March Connor came into my life. We shared a good life together until his too early death on the fifth of June last year. His sire and dam both Irish bred and born raced at the track in Barcelona.So when all these greyhounds were homeless all of a sudden and no one in that organisation would help I formed Greyhound Action Denmark. I got buissy alerting as many organisations as I could find on the internet the results were amazing most organisations got together to save as many of these stranded greyhounds as they could. All of us worked our fingers to the bones to alert others to plead with them to take greyhounds thing took shape and the vast majority of the greyhounds were indeed rescued one of the big rescuers at the time was the Scooby shelter in Medina Del Campo in Spain they took in 100 of these greyhounds most of whom have since found their forever homes in other European countries. Then This morning I was thinking about my Connor and I began to wonder who had given these beautiful souls a loving forever home I could remember two names in Particular one was called Boozy Lady and another was called Castlerea Jackie I looked them up on the greyhound database and to my surprise Boozy Lady is still at the shelter called Scooby. They take exelent care of all their rescued animals there so in a sense she was lucky but being at any shelter no matter how good is not the same as having a real home. I find sad that this nine year old greyhound is still there all these years later.She could certainly do with a good loving home for the rest of her life. I wrote this as a reminder both to myself and to everyone else that rescued and placed in a shelter does not mean having a home or ever finding one so please if any of you has a heart for an elderly lady greyhound consider this lovely old girl mind you she could be long gone as the greyhound data base is not always kept up to date but this got me thinking how many other dogs linger in this great shelter how many of them get that vital second chance?
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Sep 7, 2012