Nine years ago on this day a black greyhound was born he lived briefly with his siblings and mother he was selected for racing he went to schooling kennels was then sold trialed and found good enough to race in the UK he raced at the Owlerton track in Sheffield. He won 22 out of 82 races and placed well in the rest of them he was a breadwinner.The latter part of his racing career was in Denmark where he was raced at the track in Odense.He was retiered at the age of five no one wanted him just another black greyhound. I saw him and I bought him for a pittance of his worth he was sadly neglected and very sad a mere shadow of what he once was. I brought him home and he has been here ever since as a deeply loved and apriciated family member worth more than his weight in gold he is one of my deeply loved lads my Tristan is celeberated today he has been given presents and snacks and good foods. He is a caracter and soo loved Happy birthday my Tristan my lad your mummy and three brothers.
greydk greydk
46-50, F
Sep 9, 2012