My Little Sugar Needs Some Help

I just got this little girl and was told she had her shots and was dewormed a flea free.Well I was lied to we went to the vet and she has to get shots and she has worms, and had recently had fleas, so She will need to go to the vet to have this done. Im just wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to offer to grant our wish of xxs pet clothing, and help with supplies and vet visits. She is a chihuahua and is barely 2 pounds but she gets the shakes. Also she has flea scars which have cause her to loose hair. Would like her to have some sweaters they can be used and she needs a coat because she is a short hair. and maybe some cute little things like toys etc for her she is very special to my son and myself. Shes my daughter and his sister because Im not planning on having any more children so they will be my two!!!! Her Name is Sugar yamini. She is only 7 weeks old. I have created a wish list just an idea on some things thank you for reading bless your heart
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Who had you got the dog from? It does not sound like a reputable place or person.
I would definitely bring this back to their attention if you could. You may try to google
discount animal care and see if there is any place near by that can give you a bit of a break on vet issues. I KNOW how costly they can be.


Thank you i dont mind the vet bill really just wantining to find someone willing to ate her some sweaters whether they are new or used :)