I Had A Dog Once

He was the epitome of unquestioning, unconditional loyalty.

Yes, they are domesticated from wild beginnings.
Yes they have filthy habits
Yes they can be unruly
Yes they can fight
Yes they can be vicious if not properly trained or inbred.

But against all this they can have very interesting personalities

They have a joy of life intensified by something as simple as a walk
which they treat as a precious gift to be treasured.

They can lift you from the deepest darkest place in your soul
back to enjoying life for the sake of life.

They give hope and constant companionship to the lonely

Above all my dog was a friend who was always there for me

This was 30 years ago

Now I live in a family with 4 cats. My friends have cats.
It is cat universe.

But i will never forget my Border Collie.
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1 Response Oct 11, 2012

I never had a dog growing up, only cats. But I do know of their incredibly loyalty, have you considered getting another one?

i would love one but my wife 2 sons and daughter each have a cat !!

Ahhh so that would more than likely be pet-overload. Not to mention the dog has a pretty small chance of getting along with ALL of those cats =P