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Too Old. Too Fast.

My dog turned 9 back at the start of September and it seems everything is going down hill now.

She has just finished some sort of injection to keep the arthritis at bay and now has some horrible stinky powder to go on her dinner as well as just starting hormone replacement therapy for incontinence. She's spayed which tends to deprive older female dogs of estrogen which they need for control.

I'm just so sick of hearing "Because of her age."

This is my baby we're talking about. The one thing to have truly 'had my back.' I don't want to hear about her age. I don't want to think she is getting old. This dog is gonna live forever DAMMIT!

This is a dog that only had to go to the vet for something stupid like spraining her toe or poking her head where it didn't belong before now.

It's horrifying to think she's nearing the end.

It's not fair.
BeteNoire BeteNoire 26-30, F 6 Responses Nov 23, 2012

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i tried to email you via EP but for some reason they thought it was not appropriate. so, i'll post it here: i read your story about your dog. i just wanted to ask what type of injection did the vet give her? was it cortisone? did he say how often she needs the shot? if so that could get expensive. when my dog tasha started having arthritis she was prescribed rimadyl, which she did very well on, no side effects nothing.

what type of hormone replacement therapy? i have read that it is given to dogs to reduce the risk of osteosarcoma and malignant lymphoma. when tasha became incontinent she was prescribed Phenylpropanolamine, is that what he prescribed for your dog?

i don't know if you read my post about senior dogs, but i will give you the link contained in that story on I Have a Dog, it's about a support group on yahoo. It's a wonderful group.

the link to my story, Does Anyone Here Have A Senior Dog? Is

just trying to help and offer support. martysmax

Cortisone shots but she only needed the initial four unless she gets worse something called stilbostrol for the hormones

Just crossed my mind, have you thought of getting a second opinion from another vet, to make sure you're not being taken for a ride form the vet you have now. What breed of dog do you have?

She's an Australian cattle dog cross kelpie. General life expectancy of around 12 years. Unfortunately we only have the one vet here but they didn't diagnose anything until I had taken her in because of concerns. Like I had noticed a hesitancy to jump and a lot less activity from her and when she was asleep suspicious wet patches were appearing underneath her. All issues of which have cleared up since treatment. I have no doubt though they probably see a sucker in me. It's common knowledge I would give that dog a kidney if it was needed/would help. lol

You are so right to say....." It's not fair." I'm sorry you and doggie are going through this. So painful to watch as they decline.
I lost 3 beloved pets, all during a span of 11 months....All kidney failure . Tore me completely apart.
Sending you strength.....Hugs

Is there a connection with anything of them having kidney failure? Like food or treats or anything.

This was 2009 and even though the melamine contaminated dog and cat food was in 2007, there continued to be reports of some prescription foods from China that still contained traces.......I didn't know, I thought the ban had been lifted by 2009 when my Vet started all 3 on a popular prescription brand ( I won't name the brand here ).....But during that 11 month period of time, one after the other started getting sick.....So many others lost their pets, in this small area.....There was no way to prove it was the food, but all of my pets and some of the other people's pets were all eating the same brand .
I feel like I lost 3 children one after another.....

I'm so sorry. I lost another dog earlier this year because of heart failure and related kidney failure. The end was horrible. She couldn't walk and I would have to carry her out and hold her so she could go to the bathroom. 3 sleepless nights before it was finally decided there was nothing we could do for her.

I am so so sorry. (((BeteNoire)))

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I feel your sadness. My Cavalier is about 11 years old, and am so bothered by it. he also seems to be getting real forgetful, that I can't handle. I feel lucky to have him for so long, cause alot of cavalier king charles don't make it past 8 yrs old cause of their known heart issues. So I am really freaked out to by his age. I just can't imagine if I'm not taking it this well already. I can't imagine what I am going to be like when that time comes. We can always take comfort in that we gave our dogs a good life.

I know what you mean. I just think about her dying and my eyes get watery.

Bette, Such a heart wrenching story. Just keep going as long as possible. My own dog, my precious baby is 7 now.All pet parents feel the dred you are experiencing now. God bless, stay strong. mini

*wobbly lip* just had to call my dog over for a cuddle. Not fair that we have to outlive them... maybe we should get pet giant tortoises instead.

Somehow I think that would make for very uncomfortable cuddles. lol

If someone could breed furry tortoises...