Four Furry Babies!

My husband and I have four dogs, all of them rescues. We got our first one just 6 weeks after moving from our apartment into a house. We went to the mall for a clock and came home with a dog! There was an adoption show going on at one of the pet supply stores, and our Lhasa Apso baby chose us. He was nine when we got him, and is now 13.

Our second one is our baby. She is a Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, and is now six years old. We found her on Craigslist, and was told she was a mutt. We spent $50 and drove an hour and a half to get her, and an hour and a half home. Found out she is pure bred, and around a $2000 dog! She's our princess.

Our third is a beagle, chow, shepard mix. Our princess found her roaming the street and barked at her to get her attention. I have never heard her bark in that tone before or since. My husband was out of town for the weekend, and my mom was staying with me. We tried to find her home, but the info on her microchip was not updated, and no one in the neighborhood recognized her. When my husband came home, and after a few more days of trying to find her home, we took her to get her shots and kept her. She is around eight now. :)

Our fourth, we inherited after my parents died. He is a poodle/shih tzu/ terrier mix. He is adorable! He wandered into my parents' yard one day after almost getting hit by a car. He was around 2 or 3 then; he's 10 or 11 now. After my father passed in his sleep, he laid by my father's bedside for nearly 48 hours with no food or water. He wouldn't leave him, not even when my husband was knocking at the door. He barked and barked, but wouldn't come downstairs. After they took my father's body, he went back upstairs and laid on the empty bed. My husband went up there and held him, then said he was going home with us, and would have a new mommy and daddy now. He was super attached to my husband for months, and is still coming out of his shell. 

I love my babies dearly, and wouldn't know what to do without them. They were one of my biggest comforts when my parents died. I knew I couldn't just leave everything and everyone behind (although I wanted to many times from the depression), because of them. I would never abandon them. They are our "kids", and so smart and amazing. 
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dogs are so cute :D