She Watches Over Me and Keeps Me Sane

My dog, Katie, is half Doberman, half German Shepherd.  She is the sweetest dog on the planet.  I bought her in '99 on Valentine's day for my now ex-fiance.  Looking back now, I'm glad I still have Katie.  Best wishes to my ex.  I hope she finds what she's looking for.
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1 Response May 17, 2007

i bet that is a good dog i have had both a german shepard and a doberman not at the same time but they both had the best temperment i ever saw in a dog dober mans ar emy favorite now that i adopted one from my cousin when he couldnt take care of her two times i did it for im and whe i moved where i couldnt have a dog i cryed my eyes out but i got lucky and found this older lady inher 80's that had been adopting out dobermans for many years she found a family for my dog and they came over to get interviewedby me and my dobermanjessie was heer name, and the people were well off in the money dept.she owned her own dress shop that she said she would take jessie to every day, i daid she will love that and she will b good inthere she wont bother the coustomers one bit, they wer probably in there early30's i told them she only eats a certain food and you can put a big huge bowl out for her and she will not eat it all at once so please feed her that way she has been fed like that her whole life. i gave them her bed i saidpplease take her bed she love sher bed you amy want to buy a new one once she gets settled and comfortable, and mydog took write to them i mean everything they said to her she did it was amazing, and i told them when she has to go out side just ask her if she needs to go out she will go in circles if she dont do that she dont need to go.<br />
they were all i interviewed they were the ones, it was hard as hell when they came back in 2 wks to get her, they had to go back to adoption ajency and sin all paers alon with her to be fixed with in two weeks or she goes back to me her shots up to date they signed all that needed to be signed and off my dog went. i was sad and happy at the same time, i couldnt keep her any more and they seemed like they were going to attach to the dog asap, best dog i ever had except my shepard he was a good dog we were best friends untill i divorced i couldnt take the dog as my son was only 6 at the time and he did not want that dog to go, but if i wuld have taken him he would have lived longer my x lived at his moms adnthe dog was at his house he never went to except for mail and feed cochise. so he never got off his chain after i left so he could have lived a better life if i could ahve taken him but s i said my son was very serious of me leaving him there.<br />
good for you to b able to wish good things for yr x i still cant do that with my first husband who my son is from and lives with thru divorce he won custody it all boiled down t he ahd money and i didnt, i didnothing wrong to loose him i was straight for 5 years b4 divorce procedures but that is a long horis story we dont need to get into happy happy happy thoughts right.<br />
well chat later,<br />
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