Forest Gump Said: Life is Like A Box of Chocolates Part 3

Tasha was 16 1/2 when I adopted Harry. She needed to be carried in and out of the house to do her business. Her rear end had to be supported by a towel wrapped around her belly for her back legs couldn't support her. Her incontinence got worse and the Phenylpropanolamine for incontinence no longer worked. I sought out advice from the the "our senior dog group" at yahoo. Several members recommended baby diapers. So i bought baby diapers, cut out a hole for her tail and well, that was that. She was my baby and I would not abandon her because I was inconvenienced.

I would lay on the floor with her and feed her vanilla ice cream from a spoon. One for her and one for me. I would make her a mix of mixed veggies and smelly mackerel. When dogs become elderly, much like humans, their appetite declines. One offers anything to entice them to eat. She had a will to live and still would attempt to play. I would roll a ball towards her and she would push it back with her nose.

Harry began to feel more comfortable and started to settle in. I would play ball inside with Moxie. Sitting in the den i would throw the ball down the long hallway to the front door and Mox would chase after it and bring it back. Harry looked at the whole game uncertain as to what to do. One day I threw the ball and Moxie galloped after it. Harry sprung into action and chased behind Moxie. This went on for awhile. Then one day I threw Moxie's ball and Harry raced ahead of her, grabbed the ball and brought it back. Harry had learned to play. Moxie had taught him.

I came home from work one morning and began to take care of Tasha. I had laid down plastic shower curtains on the carpet and sheets over that because of Tasha's incontinence. I lifted her up onto the bed to attend to her sleeping quarters. She laid down and I gathered up her bedding to take to the washing machine. I was startled when she suddenly sat up on on her haunches. I looked at her and her eyes were vacant, like she was not seeing. I knew it was time. I rushed her to my vet and as i held her he administered the fatal shot. I stayed with her in the room for awhile, while crying my eyes out. My companion of over 16 years was gone.
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I admire your courage and dedication to your family. I too have had to do that for a few of my cats. I know what it takes to know the right time to finally say goodbye, and how much love it takes to keep them going for as long as they have the will to go on.