How Ruff Stopped Chasing Chickens.

This was when Ruff (boxer) was a puppy. at that time, we also had some chickens running around the yard. Ruff was very scared of my wife but loved to chase the chicks. He would peep into the living room, if my wife were to be there, he would quietly slink out else he would joyfully run after the chicks. The chicks grew fast. In a few months, one small chick grew up and turned out to be a big mean rooster. Ruff, unreformed, stuck on to his ways. One afternoon, as usual, he peeped inside and went about his 'chase'.In a couple of minutes I heard a big commotion and some piteous yelping. I went out to find that the tables had turned, The rooster, now towering above puppy Ruff was chasing and pecking Ruff all over the yard. It was the most funny thing I ever saw in my life. That was the last time Ruff chased the chickens.
Blott Blott
41-45, M
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Ruff died 24/12/1011

Something similar happened with my mother's dog. I was opened the gate to the chicken pen, the dog raced past in the hopes of chasing some poor defenseless bird and before I could grab the dog there was a yelp, the dog was running for it and there was a chicken strutting around with a tuft of fur in its beak. lol

lol nice story. made me laugh x
I've seen similar things with cats chasing dogs lol