My Dogs

I have 3 dogs a wolf hybrid named Laya, a standard dachshund named Bandit, and a mini-dachshund named Liebe ( which is German for love). They all mean so much to me and I can't imagine my life without them.
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lol, yea she actually didn't get that big. some wolves, especially the females are actually pretty small. Some wolves only way 25 or 30 lbs! crazy i know. I think she was the runt becuz she was so tiny and i have no clue how people just walked her by. I almost did but i had to turn around and i specifically said i just want to hold her, I'm not gonna get her.She was the only one left, yet so gorgeous, i didn't understand. I picked her up and i told the guy i couldn't put her down. I knew it was meant to be, guess that's why i had money on me for a change : )

Wolf hybrids are beautiful! I love big dogs.
Like the names you picked for them. Must look strange walking them, having one massive dog on a leash then tiny ones right next to her x