My Dog Loves Telly And Lasers

I have 2 dogs, One named Sisco who is a collie/german shepherd cross. She ran away while on heat and managed to mate with a rottweiler. She had 8 beautiful pups and I kept one. He is called Kahless (named after the klingon prophet because he has a really cute ridge on his nose) He is obsessed with light so I have a lot of fun making him chase after laser pens...makes exercising him easy! lol. He also loves watching football on the tv, he tries to eat the ball while drooling all over the screen...been some concerns as to whether he could blow up the telly! He also has amazing respect for cats as he was brought up with 6 of them. The only worry is that he doesn't like men...cant say I blame him lol i'm gay.

check him out on youtube. he's a darling :)
freedomchaser24 freedomchaser24
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012