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My ex bought me a dog(Found him on craigslist) in Nov of 2011, I love him to death and I'm his ONLY owner. We broke up in August of 2012 and she's threatening to take me to court. Today I recieved a letter from an attorney stating that I can either give the dog back or pay her back the bills she's spent on him which is over $700. I have proof that I'm the only owner and I've even called the vet to clarify that I'm the only owner and I was, I even have a text message with her saying that I can keep Max(the dog). So my question is If I fight for him will I win?
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Good grief - does she even like the dog? That would be my concern.

Anyway, this isnt legal advice, but I would do a counter-suit. All I'd need to do is come up with something that she did during the relationship. Lets say I paid for a rental car for vacation, or airline tickets, or repaired some things on my own nickle.

I'd just write the attorney back, tell 'em that I will glady pay for the vet bills, if my ex will pay for this or that. If she doesnt, and they threaten to bring suit, I'd just say OK, then I'll just file a cross-complaint.

Then I'd just defend myself, Because Its small claims. It wouldnt cost me anything, but it would cost the ex court costs and attorney fees. Sweet.

If my reasons are just as valid as hers, then they will probably back away, because to lose is more out of pocket expenses for them, and what if I win the cross complaint (sometimes called a counter suit)? Well, that means not only would I possibly win as a defendant in her suit, but I might win the cross complaint as well. That would really put an whammer on them.

If you have proof of ownership, I would be interested in seeing the grounds.
First printing out the text and a letter from the vet plus whoever you dealt with on craigslist.

This sound less like your ex wants the dog, but that she still wants you.

You might have to reimburse her, but I would think that that is hazy as well.
You locality might have a "legal clinic"
this is a civil matter. and frequently they or a local law school offer free advice.
Given that your friend sent a text to you makes her grounds rather weak.