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My ex bought me a dog(Found him on craigslist) in Nov of 2011, I love him to death and I'm his ONLY owner. We broke up in August of 2012 and she's threatening to take me to court. Today I recieved a letter from an attorney stating that I can either give the dog back or pay her back the bills she's spent on him which is over $700. I have proof that I'm the only owner and I've even called the vet to clarify that I'm the only owner and I was, I even have a text message with her saying that I can keep Max(the dog). So my question is If I fight for him will I win?
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And you can counter with a suit charging boarding fees, training. blah blah

I hate to think of a dog as a car but lets think of it as a car.

My parents have a car and then they signed it off to me so I am officially the title owner of the car. Even though they spent the money to BUY the car, I hold the title so it's officially mine and anything involving the car has to be approved by me.

If you have proof that the dog is officially yours (like the vet records) then I don't see why you wouldn't win. If the dog were to get sick and go to the vet they probably would have to have your approval signature since you're the name on their files.

The example helps?