Forest Gump Said: "life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates" Part 4

After Tasha died life went on albeit a little emptier and a little sadder. But i still had two dogs and they needed me. I needed them to fill my heart again with love and joy and more of life's adventures.

Although Moxie was spayed she was a "B++ch to poor Harry, and despite Harry having been neutered, he still tried to do the male doggy thing with Mox girl. What a little pit viper! She would turn on him in one hot little NY second. Terriers tend to be scrappers yet every time he would acquiese to her sharp rebuke. She was second in our pack and he knew it.

Harry was pretty much "at home" now yet he would still lay under those ornamental grasses in the yard. One morning I decided to mow the lawn despite the fact that it was still a little damp from the dew. I started the self-propelled lawnmower and began to tackle the huge backyard. Sometimes we do such ordinary things in everyday life that are so ordinary that we are on "auto pilot". Mowing the grass is one of those things we tend to do on autopilot. Just like taking the same route to work, autopilot. We never anticipate that in a moment someone will run a red light and your day is then forever changed. As I went about the chore of mowing Harry suddenly charged out of the grasses and in one moment life was changed for both of us. He went after the lawnmower to attack it and his left leg slipped under the mower. He let out a sharp yelp and hopped back into the house through the garage. I scooped him up, quick grabbed a towel on top of the washer and wrapped his left leg. I couldn't, wouldn't look at the damage. I called my vet and sped off in total panic and hysteria. cont. later with pt.5.
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Dec 1, 2012