My Girl Twiggy

Twiggy is an Italian Greyhound who will be 3 years old in May. We are having a bit of a battle. You see when it is cold or raine outside she doesnt want to go out to do her business. So to accomidate her I put a grass pee pad in the bathroom for her, I even put a little rug on is so the plastic grass would not be stick her.................she knows the drill trust me, she has used it many times. Then why the he ll if I leave her for 5 hr she craps on the bed? She knows she will get swats with the fly swatter, but does it anyway. the little bi tch..........We are at war. I finally decided to move the grass pee pad more inside the bathroom, so I cant see her from the hallway...........I really think she has a bashfull bladder and bowel............she is a shy girl.........
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Italian Greyhounds are amazing. They are also very timid and anxious. Take care of their instincts and they will be the perfect pet.

the bed waste might be a sign of irritation or loneliness rather than an attempt to make you made.

For God's sake stop being cruel to your dog. Stop with the fly swatting! If she messes on your bed, then put her in a room like the kitchen with tile. Use some common sense for crying out loud. People like you should not have pets. You don't have the heart to be a good pet owner.

I'm convinced your house is full of dog **** and $ loving!

You do not know what the F you are talking about, ever heard of the word TRAINING? You may not mind dog crap everywhere, My standards are much higher than yours, does my dog love me? To the moon and back, dip stick!