Cruiser And The Kitten With Many Names!!!

We had our daughter visit for the week-end, she brought her 3 jack russell dogs with her!! fair enough, my spoilt maltese loves having them here over night...BUT... we now have the kitten, [how will the week-end progress??]

Well, there were a few hisses and side waddling, the kitten had them in their place in no

We were so proud of them all, and by the time it was good-bye time, everyone was great buddies.... thank goodness... I must admit my heart sank when they pulled up in the drive way and I saw the other dogs, but all turned out beautifully.
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Cats rule! cats are the boss!

Jack Russels are pretty hyper, is good the kitty is being social

yes they are, but thankfully they are use to cats,[ them having two at home]... we just couldn't get over the cheeky way the kitten put them in their