Stop Me If I Told This One Already...

So, I'm driving down a long winding road after having been shopping....I am tired and driving about 35 mph in front of a small clump of houses...then ignoring the ten cars behind me, I drastically slow down and begin honking at these two dogs in the road. One is a tiny puppy lying on the road (I just realized) and one is a medium schnauzer mix who is perched over his canine friend.

I rolled down my window and start shouting to the woman sitting on her porch with her daughter, "Hello, did that dog get hit by a car?". I can hear my voice is already quivering.

"What did you say?" said the woman, while walking out to my car. The other ten cars passed us and drove around the dogs like they were nothing of interest.

I am vacating the auto as I am looking at her pathetically and again, I asked, "Did that dog get hit by a car?"

The recognition of my words suddenly showed on her face and I felt myself readying to cry. We looked at each other as she approached me and we reached out to each other as she whimpered, "OH,!"
Then abruptly, for no reason other than maybe hearing their master's voice...both dogs sprang up and ran into the yard....We both gasped and looked at each other again...asking if the other was alright and patting each other on the arm..giggling all the while....

I laughed the whole way home....but again was sadly reminded...I am not like most people. I am a dog person.
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You are a person who loves dogs and anyone who does, well they really must be really kind people. Your story touched me. You really do care about dog, being a dog person yourself,ma'am. I am a dog person myself, Joyba. Pleased to know you,ma'am.

please to know you

bless your heart. you had me holding my breath also.

it was scary ...and then funny

Once, at work, I heard a lot of cars honking on the major 4-lane one-way street outside. It was a mama goose with a whole line of baby geese walking behind her. One car stopped to let them cross and eventually the guy got out and stopped traffic. The geese crossed safely, but so many pissed-off people, their journeys interrupted by wildlife in the middle of a city!

that happened to me in Washington, DC...a bunch of geese were walking across the freeway. i zipped around them. and then we looked behind us and ...gross

That is so sad when that kind of thing happens, Joyba, and so senseless too. Why do some people have to be so cruel as to run over living creatures ?

I have a mixture of emotions right now. I am so relieved that the dogs were not hurt, yet so pissed off that so many people ignored them to go on their way. Thank you for sharing this with us.

you are welcome and i read your stories and commented

Well this is a probably the type of thing most people wouldn't find interest in but it was told well

well thanks

I'm very happy the story ended as it did . . . good for you, being concerned :)