The Christmas Greyhound.

On October 18 of this year I had to send my dearest whippet over the Rainbow Bridge. I was devestated but at the same time at peace because it was the right thing to do for him.I can now smile through the tears.October was uncommenly slow this year yet November came faster than ever.Saturday the 24 of November I went to a dogshow in the sighthound club with my youngest greyhound Collin who did execptionelly well. He got the second highest marks and was also approved for breeding according to FCI rules. I am very proud of him. We both went home happy but very tiered it had been a very long day. Sunday came as quick as lightning and it was another very special day. This was the day my new greyhound arrived.He is a former racing greyhound who has been through the ringer as it were. He was born in Texas USA exported first to Ireland then to Germany where he was rescued by former owner weighing in at 27 kiloes he was emaciated full of fleas and intestinel parasites. He had also been beaten the poor lad was a mere shadow of what he should have been.He was well looked after in his new home and he took part in 59 races. He then sustained an injury and that became career ending. I had been asked to help finding a good home for him. I asked what he was like and was given an accurate discription of his caracter. I told his former owner that there was no need to look any futher for a new home for him as he had now found one.He arrived here on 25 of November. The transition has been almost flawless.There has been a few minor disagreements between him and my youngest Collin but it seems that they have settled the matter between them. I should mention that I have four mature males all greyhounds and that Chris has never been part of a pack before so it has been a huge transition for him, There are a lot of improvements though so it does look as if he will have settled in before Christmas what a wonderful confirmation of life this has been and to get a greyhound as wonderful as my new lad Chris is a gift from God.Please donĀ“t bet on the greyhounds please consider your own Christmas greyhound they make wonderful family members. I have no regretsand only wish I could do more but we all have our limits.
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Thanks Mini

heart-warming story. Love does conquer all. How beautiful that you found each other. May your years together happy & healthy. Bless you. mini