How To Make People Nicer?

I live in New York and take my dogs out several times a day. They are big girls and need their exercise. The problem is with how some people in my neighborhood treat us when we're walking around. Their children call them "bad", adults curse at them and cross to the other side of the street. People yell at me to clean up after them when I've got the doggie bags in my hand filled with poop! I understand that German Shepherds may have a bad reputation but for crissakes, my girl is 11 years old and wobbles when she walks. Our baby, a three year old husky/shepherd mix loves people and natural wags her tale and tries to meet people. She's often met with people who think she's a wolf and hide their children behind them. Children run up to them and pretend to shoot them when I'm walking down the street. Seriously. My dogs aren't the misbehaved mongrels. They've never bitten anyone nor would they - I can't say the same for these peoples' kids. I'm furious.
Noelle5 Noelle5
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2012