I Used To

I miss her so much. I had a dog named princess when I was 5 , not 13 (Im 13 now), and my mom got rid of her after 2 weeks because for three reasons:

1. The dog was 6 weeks old and she didn't want to train it to use the bathroom outside
2. She was mad because I didn't try to train it, but I was 5
3. My grandma told her to (that's the main reason)

We gave it to a family friend, but I only see her maybe once or twice a year and then only for like five minutes because the friend was "he was rushing us" or "he was talking to much" stupid I know but those are real excuses. I think its for the better though, they locked that dog in a cage the whole time or chained her with a small 10 ft chain outside and I only got to walk her maybe twice in to weeks. I miss her but I know its for the better. I hope to get a small dog in a few months, but my grandma probably won't let me. My moms all for it but my grandma literally hates all animals on earth so she probably won't let me have one. I may talk her into it but ill just have to see.
fire84725 fire84725
13-15, M
Dec 7, 2012