My dogs name is SB he is the most adorable dog ever i got him while he was a staff puppy he grew up to be so sweet and soppy he would trip over when he ran around a corner is still so adorable so after i named him JB cause i thought he reminded me of justin beiber i realised it wasnt the right name but i coudnt change it to much so i named him SB it now stands for soppy bollaxs lol
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Not young greyhounds they very quickly find their legs as it were and once they start running look out if they collide with you you are going down quick. I have got two young greyhounds and two a little older. They are extremely fast ex-racers all four of them and nothing execpt the cheetha is faster than a greyhound going full tilt.

Thanks for sharing. I have got four sighthounds.

lab,Half staff and half lab get best of both worlds the cuddly quiet Dennis and a good guard dog to scare the burglars

Awww cute <3

Great name mines called Dennis.

wat breed??

lol xxxxx