Forest Gump Said: "life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates" Part Five

Harry was stabilized by a friend, a vet tech at the vet's office. As it was a weekend I was instructed to take him to the emergency vet clinic that was open 24/7. It was there that they amputated Harry's wrist. He spent the overnight there and I took him home later that day, to rest, recoup and to return to my own vet in a couple of days.

I was horrified when my vet said his leg needed to be amputated to the shoulder. I couldn't understand why he had to have such an extreme, (to me) procedure when he had only lost his wrist. It was explained that Harry would walk on the stub and would end up being quite painful and other reasons. I thought of having him put down as I couldn't imagine him having a meaningful life with only 3 legs.
Thankfully, my vet convinced me that "Tripods" can adapt very fast ang go on to live a happy long life.

Despite friends telling me it was an accident, and saying things like "You only had him for a month, how could you know he would go after the lawnmower?", my guilt was inconsolable.

But adapt Harry did. In his mind nothing had changed. He still charged after balls, played with Moxie and dashed up the stairs with narry a second thought. Harry became a learning tool for others who, like me, thought that a three-legged dog could not survive as a happy and active companion..cont. with pt.6.
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thank you for your kind comment. my adoption of harry was really a turn around for me. i had never thought of adopting before. yes, moxie was found wandering around and no one claimed her. and tasha i purchased for $5. bucks at a farmers market as a puppy. but prior to those i had always bought from breeders, though not puppy mills. borzois were my breed of choice. and i do still love the breed. but i am definitely in favor of everyone adopting from rescue groups. you can find almost any breed or combination of, and there are far too many really good dogs being put down from lack of forever homes.