Um Help... 4 Week Old Puppy

Okay... I dont know if this is the right area but I was looking for some advice. I took a puppy from some loser that said she was going to take them to the pouind the next day. After getting it home I kinda noticed that its wobbly and it freaks out alot (from being away from its littlermates). I just assumed it was a small breed like she said when I took it until I looked at it more closely when I got home and noticed it was acting realllly whiney. (That and I asked her if they were 7-8 weeks old and she said somewhere around there so that should have been a red flag, but she was just going to dump them off at the animal shelter anyways so whatev) I just went to the pound and got one of its littermates, (theres no way I could take them all), so that it would be able socialize with another puppy because I do know that is important.

I have trained puppies before. I have had puppies before... Just never had any this young. Which i dont know if the mother just stopped caring for them and thats why she was going to take them there or not but im at kind of a stand still... how should I handle puppies this young because I dont want them to turn out horrrible. I know training is supposed to start the day you get them home but they are so young its like what do I do as far as getting them ready to be trainable?

As far as feeding goes I got them replacement puppy milk and have been mixing it with soft dog food. Thanks!
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Much to early for that kind of forceful training. Young puppies will learn in good time. They know the human is the deciding factor it is much more important to have a friendly female dog socialising them well that is what pups at that very tender age need the housebreaking comes much later and is actually a lot easier than what you predict . When they are old enough just take them out when they have eaten played or slept in that way they get the hang of cleanliness in less than ten days. be consistant and the rest will be very easy indeed. force is not the way to go with puppies positive reenforcement works miles better. With both children and puppies when they are ready not a moment before.

Greydk does have a point so if you know someone with a friendly, grown female dog I would ask if you can bring it near the puppies at least once a day, that's all that's necessary. The mothering thing always kicks in when it comes to animal instincts. Because honestly it is ok without the birthmother. We raised the abandoned kitten with a female dog that was in the house, that was not nursing. Kitten got replacement milk from vet and the dog made sure it went potty and cleaned it and stuff. The cat is now fully grown and the most friendly well taken care of cat I've ever seen.

What you need is a nursing *****. She is the only one who can socialise the pups and teach them doggy behaviour an ettiqet. A pup should never ever be removed from its birthmother untill its at least 10- 12 weeks of age at which point they are fully weaned and ready to face the world.I would sugest that you get in touch with your vet and ask for help finding a nursing ***** that will readily nurse the pups and when they are old enough you can take them home best wishes you have taken on a mammouth task.Best wishes for your young pups and you.

Last year I had to take care of a 4 week old abandoned kitten. The best way to go is to call a vet or even a vet technician and ask them for specific directions about what to do. They should be more than willing to explain anything about how to care for the puppies. I wouldn't be giving them even soft dog food, just yet. Stick to the milk until you talk to someone.